Chart of Organisation


RicHer & DaiSy Attorney at Law provide legal services upstream – downstream of the various sectors of business activity, be it guarding the company’s business plans, permits, contracts, legal protection of the labor and assets, business expansion, up to the dissolution of a legal entity.

“Inde Datae Leges Be Fortior Omnia Posset”, (Law were made lest the stronger should have unlimited power).

Legal adage quotation above is a reminder that the long-range history of any regime will prove that nothing is more powerful than the law, there is no sharper than the law, because the law life according to his own language (dura lex sed scripta Tamen). A regime might be able to regulate the law, but only to then fall on its own laws. Departing from the essence of the above legal purposes, profile Richer & Daisy Law Firm Attorney at Law wanted to give a legal perspective, based on the above adage is connected with the experience during practice with the phrase that
“in the right way there is always a way”.

RicHer & DaiSy Attorney at Law is a law firm that is oriented to the area of problem-solving in the field of corporate law, commercial and common in Indonesia in each level of its legal needs.

As an office that uphold the principles of values high professionalism, RicHer & DaiSy Attorney at Law believes that providing services in the field of law is a serious job then it becomes important for us to constantly think, decide and act diligently, precisely and measured in each process. Because the shape of the product in legal services is a unique product, is unique because it can bind, to give a sense of security and fear up to stigmatize social standing in the community.

Our Vision

  • To be a trusted and dedicated legal office in the legal system of moral education in Indonesia
  • Become an office of global community professional reference.


  • Undergoing the activities of law firms that provide legal services in professional handling and value-oriented professional integrity;
  • Ready to face the ASEAN Economic Community competition by doing professional services in the field of legal services.